Kneeling in prayer waiting for police to clear the way
Kneeling in prayer waiting for police to clear the way

The March, organized by Euro Pro-life, was held in remembrance of Bishop Count von Galen, who in his sermons strongly argued against the mercy killing of persons not worthy to live in Nazi Germany.

March leader Wolfgang Herring was prevented from starting the March at the scheduled time. Opponents blocked the March route, strongly advocating their gay and lesbian life style while throwing condoms at the marchers. Police kept both groups separated throughout the march.

While they were waiting for police to clear the way, march participants were asked to kneel and pray for the abolition of abortion. Each day in Germany the lives of 1000 unborn children are taken through abortions up to the 12th week.

At the Bishop von Galen monument

The silent prayer Virgil was watched by police whose efforts to clear a path for the marchers in a peaceful way eventually succeeded. News reports revealed that the identity of 80 of the protesters was known to the police. They may face chargers of obstructing a legal event.

The March ended around the statue of Bishop Count von Galen, where Herring addressed the participants and thanked the police for their efforts. The organizer of Dutch Cry for Life march welcomed the participants to the second March for Life in Brussels, Belgium which is scheduled for Sunday March 27, 2011.

Read one of Bishop von Galen’s sermons and Nazi correspondence in response to it.

See also the website of Euro Pro-Life which promotes the marches with white crosses