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PURIFICATION AND CONFIGURATION WITH CHRIST VATICAN CITY, 3 NOV 2010 (VIS REPORT) - In today's general audience, which was held in the Paul VI Hall, the Pope dedicated his attention to Margaret d'Oingt, who was born in 1240 "to a powerful family of old Lyonese nobility". From her writings, said the Pope, "we learn that she entered the Carthusian convent of Poleteins in response to the Lord's call, abandoning everything and accepting the severe Carthusian rule in order to be completely and always with the Lord". "We know that in 1288 she became the fourth prioress, a position she held until her death on 11 February 1310. Her writings reveal no particular details of her spiritual itinerary. She conceived of life as a journey of purification leading to full configuration with Christ. He is the book that must be written and inscribed into one's heart and life every day, especially His salvific passion". "Through her writings, Margaret offers us some glimpses of her spirituality, enabling us to comprehend certain traits of her personality and her gifts of leadership. ... She lived a life rich in mystical experiences which she described with simplicity, hinting at the ineffable mystery of God while underlining the limits of the mind to understand it and of the human tongue to express it". "In the dynamism of her mystical life, Margaret particularly appreciated the experience of the natural affections, purified by grace, as a privileged means for a deeper understanding and a more ready acceptance of divine action. ... The Triune God, the God love which is revealed in Christ, fascinated her, and Margaret experienced a relationship of profound love towards the Lord. By contrast, she was also aware of human ingratitude and baseness, even unto the paradox of the cross". Benedict XVI concluded by encouraging people to follow Margaret of Oingt's invitation "to meditate daily on Jesus' life of pain and love, and that of His Mother, Mary. This is where our hope, the meaning of our existence, lies. From the contemplation of Christ's love for us arise the strength and the joy to respond with the same love, placing our lives at the service of God and of others".AG/ VIS 20101103 (370) POPE IMAGE SOURCE;

ASKS FOR PRAYERS FOR HIS FORTHCOMING TRIP TO SPAIN VATICAN CITY, 3 NOV 2010 (VIS) - "I invite you to accompany me with your fervent prayers this weekend as I make a pastoral visit to Santiago de Compostela, joining the pilgrims who are coming to the feet of the Apostle in this Holy Year", said the Pope in remarks to Spanish-speaking pilgrims at the end of today's general audience. "I will also go to Barcelona", he went on, "where I will have the joy of dedicating the magnificent church of the 'Sagrada Familia', work of the great architect Antoni Gaudi. I am going as a witness of the Risen Christ, with the desire of bringing His Word to everyone, that they may find light to live with dignity and hope to build a better world".AG/ VIS 20101103 (140) THE
CULTURE OF COMMUNICATION AND NEW LANGUAGES VATICAN CITY, 3 NOV 2010 (VIS) - In the Holy See Press Office at midday today a preference was held to present the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture, which is due to be held from 10 to 13 November on the theme: "The Culture of Communication and New Languages". Participating in today's press conference were Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, Msgr. Pasquale Iacobone and Richard Rouse, respectively president, head of the "Art and Faith" department, and head of the "Communication and Languages" department of the Pontifical Council for Culture, and Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller of Regensburg, Germany, who is a member of the Pontifical Council for Culture. Msgr. Iacobone explained how the plenary will examine "the use of language and communication to study the current situation and suggest guidelines for action in the evangelising mission of the Church". The participants in the plenary will discuss "the new languages, in particular cinema, music, figurative and plastic arts, the internet and multimedia platforms, in order to discover the words, colours, sounds and images capable of presenting Christian life as a valid experience for everyone today. "In order to favour inter-personal communication there will be no written texts to read or follow but conversations with experts such as Ennio Morricone, Dario Vigano, Robert Barron and the managing director of Microsoft Italia". Msgr. Iacobone explained. The plenary will also serve to examine "the characteristics of interactivity and participation, of clarity and simplicity - while avoiding simplification - and to study figurative and narrative languages in order to transmit to our fellows what we have received". Bishop Muller then presented the twelfth German-language volume of Joseph Ratzinger's "Opera Omina", entitled "Kunder des Wortes und Diener eurer Freude - Theologie und Spiritualitat des Weihesakramentes" (Announcers of the Word and Servants of your Joy. Theology and Spirituality of the Sacrament of Holy Orders). Bishop Muller, who is overseeing the publication of the complete works of Joseph Ratzinger, explained how the contents of this latest volume cover nearly half a century, beginning with a number of texts which predate by some years the opening of Vatican Council II. "That fundamental event in recent ecclesiastical history is usually associated, depending on the point of view, with the beginning of a transformation in keeping with the spirit of the times, or with a profound crisis in the Church and particularly in the priesthood", he said. In section "A" of the book, entitled "Theology of the Sacrament of Holy Orders", Joseph Ratzinger analyses the causes of this crisis and "illustrates the biblical foundation and coherent historical-dogmatic development of the Sacrament of Holy Orders". In section "B", entitled "Servants of your Joy", readers will find "a collection of meditations on spirituality already published as an individual book with the same title". Section "C" contains "various homilies delivered on the occasion of consecrations of priests and deacons, first Masses and jubilees". "In order to rediscover priestly identity in the relationship with Christ we must be ready to consider ourselves as servants of the Word and witnesses of God in the succession of Christ, and to live in communion with Him. To this end, the priest must have a good theological formation and a permanent reference in academic theology". With the writings in this book Joseph Ratzinger "indicates the way out of the crisis into which the Catholic priesthood has fallen as a result of inadequate theological and sociological approaches, and of declarations that tend to arouse in many priests who began their journey with love and zeal, a sense of insecurity and discomfort concerning their role within the Church". This volume, Bishop Muller concluded, "achieves the desire of its author to dedicate an entire book of his complete works to the theology of the Sacrament of Holy Orders".OP/ VIS 20101103 (640)
OTHER PONTIFICAL ACTS VATICAN CITY, 3 NOV 2010 (VIS) - The Holy Father: - Appointed Msgr. Xavier Novell Goma, bursar of Solsona, Spain, as bishop of the same diocese (area 3,536, population 138,911, Catholics 127,798, priests 115, permanent deacons 1, religious 242). The bishop-elect was born in Lleida, Spain in 1969 and ordained a priest in 1997. He succeeds Bishop Jaume Traserra Cunillera, whose resignation from the pastoral care of the same diocese the Holy Father accepted, upon having reached the age limit. - Confirmed Bishop Domenico Sigalini of Palestrina, Italy as general ecclesiastical assistant of Italian Catholic Action. - Appointed as consultors of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments: Msgr. Jose Aparecido Goncalves de Almeida, under secretary of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts; Fr. Dieter Bohler S.J., professor at the Sankt-Gerogen Theological Faculty in Frankfurt, Germany; Fr. Nicola Bux, of the clergy of the archdiocese of Bari-Bitonto, Italy, professor at the St. Nicholas Institute of Greek Byzantine Ecumenical-Patristic Theology; Fr. Joseph Carola S.J., professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University; Fr. Jose Manuel Garcia Cordeiro, rector of the Pontifical Portuguese College and professor at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of Rome's St. Anselm Pontifical Athenaeum; Fr. Renato De Zan, professor at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of Rome's St. Anselm Pontifical Athenaeum; Fr. Cassian Folsom O.S.B., prior of Noricia, Italy, and associate professor at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of Rome's St. Anselm Pontifical Athenaeum; Fr. Marco Gagliardi, professor at Rome's "Regina Apostolorum" Pontifical Athenaeum; Fr. Aurelio Garcia Macias of the clergy of that archdiocese of Valladolid, Spain, president of the Spanish Association of Professors of Liturgy; Msgr. Angelo Lameri of the clergy of the diocese of Crema, Italy, professor at Rome's Pontifical Lateran University; Fr. Dennis McManus of the clergy of the archdiocese of Mobiile, U.S.A., professor at the Catholic University of America; Fr. Juan Jose Silvestre, professor at Rome's Pontifical University of the Holy Cross; Fr. Michael John Zielinski O.S.B. Oliv., vice president of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Patrimony of the Church and of the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology, and Msgr. Markus Walser, vicar general of the archdiocese of Vaduz, Lichtenstein. - Appointed Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck of Essen, Germany, president of "Adveniat" Episcopal Action, as a member of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America. On Saturday 30 October it was made public that he: - Appointed Msgr. Blaise Nzeyimana, vicar general of the archdiocese of Gitega, Burundi, as bishop of Ruyigi (area 4,303, population 524,549, Catholics 368,928, priests 48, religious 111), Burundi. The bishop-elect was born in Butare, Rwanda in 1954 and ordained a priest in 1981. He succeeds Bishop Joseph Nduhirubusa, whose resignation from the pastoral care of the same diocese the Holy Father accepted, in accordance with canon 401 para. 2 of the Code of Canon Law. - Accepted the resignation from the pastoral care of the apostolic vicariate of San Miguel de Sucumbios, Ecuador, presented by Bishop Gonzalo Lopez Maranon O.C.D., upon having reached the age limit. - Appointed Msgr. Jan Sobilo, vicar general of the diocese of Kharkiv-Zaporizhia of the Latins, Ukraine, as auxiliary of the same diocese (area 196,300, population 19,013,600, Catholics 62,405, priests 55, religious 96). The bishop-elect was born in Nisko, Poland in 1962 and ordained a priest in 1986.
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IND. CATH. NEWS REPORT:Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani A 43-year-old Iranian mother of two, who was sentenced to death by stoning earlier this year for 'adultery', may be hanged tomorrow, the British Foreign Office has learnt. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, has been held on death row in Tabriz Prison, north-west Iran since 2007. Following international protests, in July the Iranian embassy in London announced that she would not be stoned to death.Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt MP said today: "I am deeply disturbed by suggestions that Sakineh Ashtiani could be executed imminently. The British Government has been following her case closely. We have repeatedly called for a stay of execution and a fair and transparent review of her sentence - any move to execute her would be utterly unacceptable and would be condemned widely and in the strongest terms. The world watches and waits"The death penalty has been abolished in 137 countries around the world. Argentina, Chile, and Uzbekistan outlawed the death penalty in 2008. During 2007, 24 countries, 88% in China, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States alone, executed 1,252 people compared to 1,591 in 2006. Nearly 3,350 people were sentenced to death in 51 countries. More than 20,000 prisoners are on death row across the world.Catholic bishops in the United States, where 37 states still use capital punishment, have been calling for an end to the use of the death penalty for more than 25 years. In 2005, they invited Catholics to join them in an ongoing 'Catholic Campaign to End the Use of the Death Penalty.' They said: "Ending the death penalty would be one important step away from a culture of death and toward building a culture of life.”Human rights groups around the world are appealing for Sakineh's life to be spared. Avaaz have set up a petition urging the Iranian authorities not to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani by any method. To add your name see:
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CATH NEWS REPORT: When Sister Bridget Harley left Australia for Ethiopia in 1967, she had already had a long career in the Daughters of Charity order and thought she was going to Africa for only four years. It was 38 years before she came home, leaving behind a mighty legacy of education in the poverty-stricken country.Delia Harley, who has died aged 91, was born on July 24, 1919, in Broxburn, near Edinburgh, the third of seven children of Owen Harley and his wife, Mary O'Donnell.In mid-1926 economic conditions in Scotland led the Harleys to emigrate to Australia and make a better life for their then five children (aged four months to 10 years). They were not ''£10 Poms'' but financially unassisted and proud to offer energy, character and courage to their new country.The family settled initially in Lithgow, where Owen worked with the state mines. With one breadwinner and an increasing number of young mouths to feed, life was hard.Then, in October 1931, things became worse when Mary died of cancer, aged 38, leaving Owen and seven children, aged 18 months to 15 years. When Mary and Owen knew that she was dying they agreed that come what may he would keep the children together. He did, with the help of daughters Josephine, 13½⁄ and Delia, 12.Delia's schooling began with the Sisters of St Joseph in Lithgow. Later she went (on a bursary) to Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta, and then to teachers' college at Sydney University on a scholarship. She served her bonded period at government schools in NSW before entering in 1943 the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, an order dedicated to helping ''the poorest of the poor'', taking the name Bridget.Her first 24 years with the order were spent teaching disabled children in Melbourne, serving as directress of novices at Eastwood and, finally, teaching and providing pastoral care in the Woolloomooloo/East Sydney area from 1956 to 1966.
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ASIA NEWS REPORT: Three churches in Karachayevo-Cherkessia set on fire, but Muslims are being targeted too: Imam killed in Dagestan. Attempts to "destabilize the inter-religious peace." Moscow (AsiaNews) - The North Caucasus is till burning and this time the target of violence are religious. Attacks on Christian churches and against Muslim leaders have taken place between 1 and 2 November in different parts of the region.Local Christian leaders have been trying now not to foment tension and avoid pointing the finger at religious extremism, but the eyes of investigators and public opinion are all pointing in that direction.At dawn on Nov. 1, three fires have occurred in as many churches in the Autonomous Republic of Karachayevo-Cherkessia. According to preliminary reports, the attackers set fire to an Orthodox church in Orjonikidzevsky, almost destroyed, then continued on to another Orthodox and a Baptist church. In all cases, the buildings wee saved by the immediate intervention of pastors and faithful, who, after calling the fire department, started to put out the flames on their own.According to the spokesman for the Interior Ministry of Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Kazim Baybanov, the fires were caused by flammable materials thrown into the churches through broken windows.Christian leaders have taken steps to curb possible tensions with the Muslim community. Press and investigators immediately indicated the track of religious extremism, which infests the Russian Caucasus. According to statements by the Archbishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz, Feofan, there are no preconditions for talking about religious hatred in the region: "It was a well-orchestrated provocation, but we can not talk about inter-religious enmity, especially between Orthodox Christians and Muslims." "We can not blame Muslims, we can not judge people by individual incidents. Even policemen and muftis are killed and the attack has the same matrix: the intention is to destabilize inter-religious harmony, but they will not succeed", added the Orthodox bishop.Almost to prove his words, news of the assassination of the imam of a mosque in Khasavyurt, in the Republic of Dagestan, with a gunshot to the head, authorities are investigating.
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USCCB REPORT:Religious Leaders, Youth to Meet in ‘Generations of Faith’ Interreligious EncounterWASHINGTON (November 2, 2010) — Religious leaders and young adults from Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh traditions will meet for a day of dialogue and interreligious exchange at the John Paul II Cultural Center, November 19, at “Generations of Faith—an Interreligious Encounter.” The day will feature intergenerational dialogue in a variety of formats and concludes with a reception and presentation at 6 p.m. at the John Paul II Cultural Center. The evening event is open to the public and members of the media.Religious leaders participating in the event will include Archbishop Felix Machado of Visai, India, and former undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue; Bishop Tod Brown of Orange, California; Anuttama Dasa, International Center for Krishna Consciousness, Hindu; Dr. Manohar Singh Grewal, past president, World Sikh Council, American Region; Rev. Dr. Ohun Chung Lee, Won Buddhist International; Dr. Sayyid Syeed, Islamic Society of North America; and Rabbi Jeffrey Wohlberg, senior rabbi emeritus, Congregation Adas Israel.The event is being co-sponsored by the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the John Paul II Cultural Center.Media interested in covering the event are asked to contact the USCCB Office of Media Relations at 202-541-3200 or email # # # #Generations of Faith – An Interreligious EncounterUnited States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Secretariat for Interreligious Dialogue Pope John Paul II Cultural CenterNovember 18-19, 2010***3900 Harewood Road, NE, Washington, DC 20017Keynote address- Felix A. Machado, Catholic Archbishop of Visai, India* A prayer room will be available for participants of all faiths.* Refreshments will be available throughout the day.For inquiries, e-mail us at Media-Relations@usccb.org
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All report: The remains of bishop of south-western Namibe province diocese, Dom Feliciano Mateus Tomás, arrived Wednesday in the region's capital.Dom Feliciano Mateus Tomás died on October 30 as a result of a car accident in Chongoroi locality, central Benguela province.The ceremony of reception of the remains is being attended by Dom 'scar Braga, Benguela emeritus bishop, Government officials, representatives of political parties, religious entities and others.Speaking to Angop at Yuri Gagarine airport, Dom Bilingue, southern Huila province's capital city (Lubango) archdiocese bishop, said that Christians are facing a hard moment caused by the death of the Namibe bishop.The priest was born on February 21, 1958, in Chinguar district, in central Bié province.Dom Mateus Feliciano was appointed bishop by Pope Benedict XVI and ordained bishop on June 21, 2009, at See Cathedral of central Huambo province, having been sworn in as Namibe bishop on July 5, 2009.
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St. Martin de PorresDOMINICAN MYSTICFeast: November 3Information:Feast Day:November 3Born:December 9, 1579, Lima, PeruDied:November 3, 1639, Lima, PeruCanonized:May 6, 1962 by Pope John XXIIIMajor Shrine:Church and Convent of Santo Domingo, Lima, PeruPatron of:black people, hair stylists, innkeepers, mixed-race people, Peru, poor people, public education, public health, public schools, race relations, social justice, state schools, television, Peruvian Naval AviatorsHe was born in Lima, Peru, the illegitimate son of a Spanish knight, John de Porres, and a freed Panamanian slave named Anna. In 1594, Martin became a Dominican lay brother in Lima and served in various menial offices. Outside of the monastery he became known for his care of the poor and the sick. Martin founded an orphanage and ministered to African slaves brought to Lima. He was aided by St. Rose of Lima, who respected his penances and labors. Martin experienced many mystical gifts, including bilocation and aerial flights. When he was dying in Rosary Convent on November 3, the viceroy, the count of Chichon, knelt by his bed, seeking Martin's blessing. Martin, who is the patron of interracial justice, was canonized by Blessed Pope John XXIII (r. 1958-1963) in 1962.
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TODAY'S GOSPEL: NOV. 3: Luke 14: 25 - 33
Luke 14: 25 - 3325Now great multitudes accompanied him; and he turned and said to them,26"If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.27Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple.28For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?29Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him,30saying, `This man began to build, and was not able to finish.'31Or what king, going to encounter another king in war, will not sit down first and take counsel whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand?32And if not, while the other is yet a great way off, he sends an embassy and asks terms of peace.33So therefore, whoever of you does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple.
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