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CATHOLIC world NEWS: SAT. OCT. 9, 2010


(Vatican Channel)The Code of Eastern Canon Law is a valuable tool for promoting and preserving the ancient rites and ways of living the faith. This was Benedict XVI message today to participants at the conference sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, on the occasion of the 20 years since the promulgation of the Code, which took place in 1990. The full union of the Eastern Catholic Churches with the Church of Rome - the Pope said - must not lead to a decrease in their awareness of their authenticity and originality. Therefore, the duty of all Eastern Catholic Churches is to preserve their common disciplinary heritage and nourish their traditions, a source of wealth for the whole Church. source Radio Vaticana
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

IND. Cath News report: The Irish National Day of Prayer for Children 2010 takes place this Friday, 8 October. The celebration encourages Irish children to strengthen their spiritual bond with children just like them but who live in mission countries.First launched in 2007, school involvement with the day has grown year on year. The celebration, which is warmly supported by the Bishops of Ireland, teaches children the value of prayer during Mission Month with child friendly resources.Resources available to assist schools in the celebration include a special Mass and Prayer Service.There is also Children's Mission Rosary Beads, Mission Rosary Candles, a little prayer book for children called 'Prayers In My Pocket', an Information Poster for schools/parish notice board and a Teacher's Mission Rosary Kit with Activity Sheet for children.To download resources and for more information, see:
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UCAN REPORT: Human rights groups have begun a campaign for the release of Chinese democracy activist and Nobel Peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo.The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) was joined by other groups in a petition demanding Liu’s freedom.They protested outside the Hong Kong office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China at 5:00 p.m., the same time the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s name was announced in Norway.Chinese dissident Liu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.“Awarding Liu the peace prize inspires those who fight for democracy in mainland China,” said Patrick Poon, executive secretary of the Hong Kong-based Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group.Poon, a Catholic, believed Liu’s articles on democracy and the Charter 08 will be widely read again and would let many people know how the Chinese government suppressed peaceful democracy fighters.Protesters also expressed their disapproval over deputy foreign minister Fu Ying’s earlier attempts to exert pressure on the Norwegian Nobel committee.“Liu’s work fits well to the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize and Fu’s act was an insult to it,” Poon added.“How unreasonable and absurd for the Chinese government to curb freedom of speech,” said JPC project officer Or Yan-yan.“It also shows that China has not caught up with the world but only uses its economic power to suppress others,” she said.
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Agenzia Fides REPORT – Church's concern for fate of Sudanese from south living in north, in case of southern secessionA call to pray for peace in Sudan was launched by Bishop Cesare Mazzolari, Bishop of Rumbek, in southern Sudan, on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.Bishop Mazzolari led the prayer at the Cathedral of the Holy Family. The prayer is part of the "101 Days of Prayer" (see Fides 22/9/2010) to promote the peaceful conduct of the referendum of January 9, 2011 on the independence of southern Sudan.As Sudan approaches the date of the referendum vote, more and more politicians and figures in society are expressing their opinion on the issue, saying whether they are for or against the secession of the south from the rest of the country. However, there is also an increase in situations of tension. On October 7, the central government in Khartoum accused the Southern Sudanese Army (based on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005, southern Sudan has an autonomous regional government and its own armed forces, although respecting the integrity of the one state) of having occupied a region disputed between north and south Sudan. According to a military spokesman in Khartoum, "the referendum could be rendered impossible if these violations continue."The President of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir, told a UN Security Council delegation visiting the country, that he may independently organize the referendum in the region administered by him, if the central government should continue to hinder voting.The tension between north and south Sudan has aroused the concern of Catholic Bishops. According to reports from the agency in Nairobi, CISA, Fr. Santino Maurino Morokomomo, Secretary General of the Bishops' Conference of Sudan, in an interview with Good News Radio in Rumbek, has expressed fears for the fate of southern Sudanese who live in the north. "The lives of southern Sudanese in the north is under threat," said Morokomomo, because most of them are inclined towards the separation of the south from the rest of the country. Fr. Morokomomo added that the southern Sudanese who want to return to their areas of origin cannot do so, as they have no financial resources.The Secretary of the Bishops' Conference has appealed to the Government of Southern Sudan to help these people to return to the south. Fr. Morokomomo finally expressed his fear that in the case of separation between north and south, the Church in the north of Sudan could be subject to persecution in the form of confiscation of property and personal threats.
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Catholic Online report:At an open public hearing before the Park County Board of Commissioners, the monks were given unanimous approval to proceed with building the new monastery. The Monks of Mt Carmel know that their calling to live a radical monastic life, in fidelity to the original vision of the Carmelites, is special. They embrace it courageously in and for the Lord and His Church. Now they will be able to build a new Mt. Carmel for America. When the history of the Third Millennium is written, this monastery will be one of many where historians recount the rebirth of Christendom.The Monks of 'Carmel of the Immaculate heart of Mary' come to us at the beginning of the Third Christian Millennium as a gift and a prophetic sign.CODY, WY (Catholic Online) - "Praised be Jesus Christ" said the joyful voice of a monk on the other end of the line. Within minutes I heard another joyful voice, Fr. Daniel Mary of Jesus Crucified, the Prior of this burgeoning monastic community in Wyoming formally called "Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary". I had another absolutely delightful conversation with this wonderful priest and spiritual father. My last conversation with him was in August. I wrote an article based upon it entitled "Mount Carmel for America: Carmelite Monks, Messengers of New Springtime" This Monk's love for the Lord and His Church is contagious.The last time we spoke, Father shared the monk's hopes to build a new monastery to house their growing young community. The artist's rendering of the 144,000 square foot French Gothic style monastery alone can send one to their knees to worship, it is so beautiful. The property will also house one of the enterprises which help the monks to be self sustaining, Mystic Monk Coffee which has grown so rapidly in popularity it has outgrown its current cramped quarters where the monks roast it, grind it and package it.Since our last conversation I had read of concerns raised by a few neighbors about the purchase of 2500 deeded acres of undeveloped ranch land for this apostolic undertaking. Some stories online speculated it may have had something to do with the monastic way of life and devout Catholic faith of the monks. However, the reasons were really quite simple. These were ranchers, good folks, who seem to have been mainly concerned about whether the building of the monastery would change the nature of the ranchland, change the lifestyle and bring a lot of traffic. Father and the monks were able to assuage their concerns that this was a monastery and only those coming for Holy Mass, Confession or spiritual counsel would make the trek up what will be a seven mile road onto Mt Carmel.So, now the good news; on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 1:00 p.m., at an open public hearing before the Park County Board of Commissioners, the monks were given unanimous approval to proceed with the building of Mt. Carmel for America. The commissioners wanted to know whether the land will continue to be used for ranching. The monks were happy to report that it will. They intend to keep the property as a ranch as well as work the land for farming. Father Daniel Mary explained to me that with the growing resurgence of vocations to the lay brotherhood (not all monks are clerics) the Lord had already brought ranchers to the community who would help with 1,000 head of cattle that will graze on Mt. Carmel.None of this is new to this monk; Father Daniel Mary grew up on a ranch roughly six or seven miles from the property. His father is a rancher whose reputation is well known in those parts of Wyoming. His son speaks so highly of his natural father that, as a father of five grown children myself, it warmed my heart to hear it. He dreamed of establishing a monastery in Wyoming as a younger man. He knew that the beauty of the land, the rugged simplicity and faith of the people, and the challenge of the times required such a place. That dream is becoming a reality for this man of living faith.Fr Daniel Mary emphasized that all of the monks, even the "choir monks" will "work the land". He explained, "This helps us go back to our agrarian roots as monks and forms our young men in manly character. Young men need this kind of manly way of life which involves hard, physical work like clearing timber, growing gardens, tending to crops and ranching. It helps us to stay rooted in a deep, agrarian identity as monks and as men".The Carmelite monks in Wyoming are hardy men with even hardier hearts, dedicated to the Lord and His Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. They have revived the ancient tradition of Carmel, returning to the original charism and the ancient traditions. He takes great joy in sharing the enthusiasm of the growing number of young men who are joining or discerning the community, seeking a full monastic life, and in some instances, seeking the eremitical life. There will be hermitages on Mt. Carmel for those monks called to respond to the invitation of the Lord to that special way of life in Him and for His Church.In his plain spoken, naturally supernatural manner he explained that he considers Mount Carmel part of a "monastic flowering" in our day. We spoke enthusiastically about Church history and how monks and similar monastic flowerings have preceded the great renewals in the Church in centuries past. With great delight he told me the young men seeking to live this life say to him "Reverend father, can we just follow the way of the Saints". And this holy priest fully believes that, in his own words, the "surest way to go in bringing back the great monastic tradition of Carmel as a gift to and for the Church is to follow the way of the Saints".In concluding our discussion he told me a very heartwarming story of the only resident who spoke at the recent public hearing. When the commissioners opened the floor for discussion, before unanimously voting to approve the requests presented by the Monks, Father Daniel Mary admits that he was a little concerned. After all, there had been some concerns from neighbors before. However, only one woman spoke, an older woman named Susan. Turns out Susan had been in the Courthouse to get license plates for she and her husband's new truck when she saw the sign indicating there was going to be a public hearing on the Monks request to build on that property.When the commissioners asked for public comment she stepped forward and spoke, "I want everybody to know, I love these monks. They are the best neighbors we could ever have. They pray for us all. I want all of you to know that these monks should be given full approval for everything they ask for." Susan then came up to the monks and thanked them, leaned down and kissed the head of Fr. Daniel Mary and then left the hearing room. The second part of the session concerned the requests for "Mystic Monk" Coffee to build a new facility. It was also approved.When the second session was complete, the monks received news that Susan had driven home and accidentally left her truck in gear when she went to get out. In a freak accident, she was run over and sustained very serious injuries. Susan died that very day. Of course the monks were shocked! They immediately drove to the house. They found her grieving husband and went inside to console him. They hugged him. He asked "Why"? Father Daniel Mary then explained to me what they told Susan's husband. They explained her act of kindness at the hearing. In the midst of his tears of grief he said it helped to make sense of it all for him; it was his wife's "last act of love."The Monks of "Carmel of the Immaculate heart of Mary" come to us at the beginning of the Third Christian Millennium as a gift and a prophetic sign. These are real monks and real men, passionately and courageously in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and dedicated to renewing in our day the great treasury of monasticism. Vocations are not a problem for these monks; they receive hundreds of inquiries a year. They will build a place from which prayer will rise to the heavens, renewing the Church so that she can continue her redemptive mission in our age. The beauty of the monastery they will build will be added to the beauty of 2500 deeded acres of ranch land. This land is enhanced by over 6,000 acres of forested land surrounding Mt. Carmel which is part of a National Forest lease and cannot be developed.The Monks of Mt Carmel know that their calling to live a radical monastic life, in fidelity to the original vision of the Carmelites, is special. They embrace it courageously in and for the Lord and His Church. Now they will be able to build a new Mt. Carmel for America. I have said it before and I say it again - with even more conviction - when the history of the Third Millennium is written, this monastery will be one of many where historians recount the rebirth of Christendom. The building of this monastery is Good News for the Monks of Mt Carmel and Good News for the Church in the United States. They need our prayer and they need our financial support to build Mt. Carmel for America.
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Cath News report: Sophie Delezio, the little girl whose burn injuries moved the nation, has joined thousands of pilgrims heading to Rome for Mary MacKillop's canonisation.The Mosman Daily said Sophie's family, which lives at Balgowlah, credits Mother Mary with speeding the brave youngster’s recovery from the life-threatening injuries she sustained in two separate car accidents. They recently left for Rome to attend the historic ceremony.Sophie, now aged nine, suffered burns to 85 per cent of her body in a serious car accident at a Fairlight day-care centre in 2003, from which she was initially not expected to recover.The family’s life was again shattered in 2006 when she was hit by a car while being pushed across a Seaforth pedestrian crossing in a stroller.The Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, the order founded by Mary MacKillop, prayed for Sophie throughout her rehabilitation and before each of her numerous operations. Her parents, Ron Delezio and Carolyn Martin, believe Mary MacKillop intervened in their daughter’s survival.
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St. DenisBISHOPFeast: October 9Information:Feast Day:October 9Born:Third century, ItalyDied:258 at MontmarteMajor Shrine:Abbey of Saint-Denis, Saint Denis BasilicaPatron of:France; Paris; against frenzy; against strife; headaches; hydrophobia; possessed people; rabiesBishop of Paris, and martyr. Born in Italy, nothing is definitely known of the time or place, or of his early life. His feast is kept on 9 October. He is usually represented with his head in his hands because, according to the legend, after his execution the corpse rose again and carried the head for some distance. That, however, while still very young he was distinguished for hisvirtuous life, knowledge of sacred things, and firm faith, is proved by the fact that Pope Fabian (236-250) sent him with some other missionary bishops to Gaul on a difficult mission. The Church of Gaul had suffered terribly under the persecution of the Emperor Decius and the new messengers of Faith were to endeavour to restore it to its former flourishing condition. Denis with his inseparable companions, the priest Rusticus and the deacon Eleutherius, arrived in the neighbourhood of the present city of Paris and settled on the island in the Seine. The earliest document giving an account of his labours and of his martyrdom (Passio SS. Dionsyii, Rustici et Eleutherii), dating from the end of the sixth or the beginning of the seventh century and wrongly attributed to the poet Venantius Fortunatus, is interwoven with much legend, from which, however, the following facts can be gleaned.On the island in the Seine Denis built a church and provided for a regular solemnization of the Divine service. His fearless and indefatigable preaching of the Gospel led to countless conversions. This aroused the envy, anger and hatred of the heathen priests. They incited the populace against the strangers and importuned the governor Fescenninus Sisinnius to put a stop by force to the new teaching. Denis with his two companions were seized and as they persevered in their faith were beheaded (about 275) after many tortures. Later accounts give a detailed description of the confessors' sufferings. They were scourged, imprisoned, racked, thrown to wild beasts, burnt at the stake, and finally beheaded. Gregory of Tours simply states: "Beatus Dionysius Parisiorum episcopus diversis pro Christi nomine adfectus poenis praesentem vitam gladio immente finivit" (Hist. Franc. I, 30). The bodies of the three holy martyrs received an honourable burial through the efforts of a pious matron named Catulla and a small shrine was erected over their graves. This was later on replaced by a beautiful basilica (egregium templum) which Venantius celebrated in verse (Carm. I, ii).From the reign of King Dagobert (622-638) the church and the Benedictine monastery attached to it were more and more beautifully adorned; the veneration of St. Denis became by degrees a national devotion, rulers and princes vying with one another to promote it. This development is due in no small degree to an error prevailing throughout the Middle Ages, which identified St. Denis of Paris with St. Dionysius the Areopagite, and with the Pseudo-Dionysius, the composer of the Areopagitic writings. The combining of these three persons in one was doubtless effected as early as the eighth or perhaps the seventh century, but it was only through the "Areopagitica" written in 836 byHilduin, Abbot of Saint-Denis, at the request of Louis the Pious, that this serious error took deep root. The investigations of Launoy first threw doubt on the story and the Bollandist de Bye entirely rejected it. Hilduin was probably deceived by the same apocryphal Latin and Greek fictions. The possession of the Areopagitic writings (since 827 in Saint-Denis) strengthened his conviction of this truth. Historiographers of the present day do not dispute this point. All attempts of Darras, Vidieu, C. Schneider, and others to throw some light on the subject have proved fruitless.
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TODAY'S GOSPEL: OCT. 9: Luke 11: 27 - 28
Luke 11: 27 - 2827As he said this, a woman in the crowd raised her voice and said to him, "Blessed is the womb that bore you, and the breasts that you sucked!"28But he said, "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!"
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