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CATHOLIC WORLD NEWS: VIS reports that the Pope met some children of Les Combes during a walk. He also spoke to a sick woman and he said he hopes for her prompt recovery.
Then Benedict XVI blessed those present. On Saturday, the Holy Father will undergo a radiological check-up in his own residence. The hospital of sent portable radiology equipment.
Benedict XVI has expressed, through the apostolic nunciature to the Philippines, his "spiritual closeness" to Corazon Aquino, former president of that country, who has been hospitalised in Manila with colon cancer. The Pope sends the former head of State assurances of recollection in his prayers....(With files from VIS 090724 (260)
VIS) - The Holy Father appointed Archbishop Giacinto Berloco, apostolic nuncio to Belgium, also as apostolic nuncio to Luxembourg.(With files from VIS 090724 (30)
How to administer communion in a dignified manner
Communion on one’s knees guarantees devotion and the sense of the sacred. Certain flippant ways to administer this sacrament show a loss of the sense of the sacred. The faithful must not take for themselves the Chalice and the Host, this being a serious abuse.
Monday, July 20th, 2009From Pontifex RomaHow should one administer communion in a dignified manner? We asked the theologian and esteemed liturgist Monsignor Nicola Bux. It may be a random case but the modernism and the slovenliness of certain post-conciliar interpretations have lead to such a debasement of this Sacrament , that there are all kind of ways in which people approach it…
Don Bux, which is the most correct way to communicate?
“I would say there are two ways. There is the position where one stands up, taking the Host in the mouth, or else on one’s knees. I do not see any third way.”
There is the standing-up position.
“OK, I have nothing against it. The important thing is that the faithful are intimately conscious of what they are about to receive, that is that they do not approach the communion with a lightheartedness that shows immaturity and being at a complete distance from God.”
Communion standing up, but what is the best way to do it?
“Well, look here, even the receiving of the communion standing up may be full of devotion, of compunction…... and a sense of the Sacred is good to have. It would be very good and convenient, no doubt about it, to let a formal sign of reverence precede communion (even if it is received standing up), which means the head is covered for the women, sign of the cross or a slight bow in a sign of one’s love.”
But for what reason do people often approach the communion as if it is a kind of buffet?
“I like this expression and in part it is correct. Many persons rise mechanically (from their seats - CAP) and they do not know and are not even able to imagine what they are about to receive. They think that participation in Mass something that automatically includes communion and that they have to go up and receive it, although the fact is that only those who are really in the grace of God should do so”.
In his latest Masses pope Benedict XVI has administered communion only to those who were kneeling.
"Yes, he was very right to do so. I believe that kneeling when receiving the communion helps one to gather oneself together and to understand the mystery in a more reverential way. To kneel in front of the Body of Christ is an act of gratuitous love and humility before God, and this sense of the sacred is seldom understood. In our days it is mostly adrift and lost or almost muted. “
All in all, communion on one’s knees helps the spirit?
“Yes, certainly so, it favors devotion and spirituality. I believe that the position on one’s knees when receiving the communion is the one which by far responds the most to the Sacred.”
And receiving in one’s hand?
“I am sorry to say, but there is no text of the Tradition which supports it. Not even if everybody takes it and eats it in this way. There is no text concerning this, and if we wish we could say that the Apostles were priests and thus had the right to take it by the hand. The Oriental Church does not permit it.”
In a church in Rome, the so called Caravita, usually very crowded, particularly by the Catholic Mexican community, a Jesuit priest (the Jesuits consent to dancing with women and even to drinking beer in public), personally administers the Host to his faithful in such a way that they dip it in the Chalice, is it not true?
“Yes, this is a most serious and intolerable abuse, which you do well to report to me and which the Bishop must be made aware of, this must come to his knowledge. In paragraphs 88 and 94 (of Redemptionis Sacramentum – CAP) it is firmly said that it is not permitted for the faithful to take the Host themselves, or to pass the Chalice from one person to the other. I think that such a communion is not valid (non sia valida). I will analyze the problem, but we have here to do with an inadmissible abuse which we must repress the sooner the better.”Bruno Volpe
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UCAN reports that North Korea publicly executed a Christian woman last month for allegedly "spying for its enemies" and distributing the Bible, according to South Korean activists.

Stephen Do Hee-youn, from the Investigative Commissionon Crimes Against Humanity, speaking about the situationin North Korea on July 24. Ri Hyon-ok, 33, was accused of spying for South Korea and the United States and organizing dissidents. She was executed in the northwestern city of Ryongchon bordering China on June 16, according to a report from the Investigative Commission on Crimes against Humanity, published on July 24.
The commission, a coalition of 50 activist groups, says Ri's parents, husband and three children were sent to a political prison camp and another woman and a man have been arrested and their whereabouts unknown.
The report published Ri's North Korean government-issued photo ID as evidence of the execution. Similar claims in the past have been difficult to confirm.
The commission is calling for North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il to be charged with crimes against humanity.
(This article was written by UCAN & edited for JCE News:

(This text was shortened & edited from CISA) The Bishop's of Africa gave an appeal for aid at the latest G8 meeting. Here are some highlights from their appeal:
Today, 963 millions of people suffer from hunger, since the 80’s the number of migrants because of climate changes has increased from an average of 121 millions of people to 243 millions every year, and in the next 50 years from 250 millions to one billion people could be forced to migrate because of climate changes as predicted by observers and UN Agencies.It has now become evident the close link that exists between poverty, environment, immigration, and war for the hoarding of the resources. Therefore, it is urgent to work for a fair access to natural, economics and technological resources.Hence, it is absolutely necessary to look upon the international Community as a family of people that share, even if in different ways, the so-called “Golden Rule” ? “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you“ ? an intrinsic ssolidarity that, besides binding peoples of all over the world, have to be enlarged to the future generations starting by adopting a new consumption model of natural resources that is able to consider the rights of future generations.The global extent of the crisis requires a global solution, it is not possible to solve it by ourselves, it is necessary to work for “An Agenda for Hope” that aims for a whole human development within a context of universal solidarity. We, representatives of the Churches of both the North and the South of the world, call on all the G8 governments so that they take charge and adopt the necessary political choices to make it happen.Everyone must play his role. Today, billions of poor people are more and more among those losers.For that today we ask you to adopt “A Hope Agenda”, that could consent to:allocate 50 billion dollars for the Southern countries, of which 25 billion for Africa, as promised in Gleneagles and as a step towards the attainment of the 0.7%;fightback the effects of the climate changes working for a post-2012 Kyoto agreement during the Copenhagen Conference with the aim to reduce the greenhouse gases emissions by at least 30% by 2020 and at least 80% by 2050 compared with the levels of 1990 and an additional allocation of 0.2% of the PIL for the “adaptation process” of poor countries;accomplish the debt cancellation of poor countries, including the illegitimate debt, with the adoption of new rules on loans defined by the principle of co-responsibility;invest in the multilateral mechanisms existing in the United Nations in order to take into account the voice of the whole world and the civil society in the dynamics for the Global Governance;focus on the solutions to the world food crisis that aim to support small scale producers in the South as well as in the North of the world and a sustainable production model; so to work for adequate support for the family-based production; the equal allocation of resources like land, water, and energy; to guarantee access to credit and incentives to the investments on local markets.

Tasmania's Archbishop Adrian Doyle icalls Tasmanian parishioners to lobby against the Dying With Dignity Bill, saying he will make a submission to the parliamentary inquiry examining the bill. He is urging other Catholics to do the same, ABC reported.
"It's an enormous responsibility for people in parliament to be making laws that will affect the life and lifespan and life ending of other people, it's an enormous responsibility," he said.
The Church believes the bill will place Catholic health and aged care institutions at odds with their code of ethical standards, which prohibits euthanasia. People who work in hospitals and aged care homes could also be placed in difficult positions, he said.
"As a consequence of what they do, other people might be forced to act in a way that they don't really feel comfortable with, people involved in the medical profession, so they would be placing obligations on them as well," Archbishop Doyle was cited saying.
CNA reports that the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be with other African American pro-life leaders in Washington to demand that abortion be barred from any health care legislation. "Our message is clear – abortion is neither health care nor a benefit. It's genocide," said Dr. Alveda King in a press release.
Dr. King will be speaking Monday at 10 a.m. in front of the Cannon House Office Building to calling for abortion and Planned Parenthood to be excluded from the health care overhaul.
"Give us procreative reproductive rights. Repair our communities with life affirming programs. My fellow civil rights workers and I will be on Capitol Hill to say that if President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, or anyone else truly wants to reduce the number of abortions, they will not coerce Americans to pay for them and they will not subsidize Planned Parenthood, the billion-dollar business that has killed more black children than the KKK," King charged.
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Two brothers were born toward the end of the tenth century. They were sons of St. Vladimir of Kiev, the first Christian prince in Russia, and his Christian wife Anne. They died as martyrs in 1015.
The Holy Bible is like a mirror before our mind’s eye. In it we see our inner face. From the Scriptures we can learn our spiritual deformities and beauties. And there too we discover the progress we are making and how far we are from perfection.
Pope St. Gregory

Matthew 13: 18 - 23
"Hear then the parable of the sower.
When any one hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what is sown in his heart; this is what was sown along the path.
As for what was sown on rocky ground, this is he who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy;
yet he has no root in himself, but endures for a while, and when tribulation or persecution arises on account of the word, immediately he falls away.
As for what was sown among thorns, this is he who hears the word, but the cares of the world and the delight in riches choke the word, and it proves unfruitful.
As for what was sown on good soil, this is he who hears the word and understands it; he indeed bears fruit, and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty

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